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I can feel your halo halo halo

Halo eyes are nothing new to the makeup world, yet I never reached out and tried it. Somehow putting darker shades in the inner corner made me uncomfortable. Why? No idea. The other day I clenched my fist and went against everything i believe in – aaaand put the darker shade in the inner corner too. All I got was drama. And a really cool look, I think. While with the regular smokey eye, the focus is almost everywhere on the eye, the Halo eye really drags the look to the centre of the lid and keeps it there, creating an illusion of a bigger, rounder eye. Of course you can tone it down by using more neutral, softer and lighter shades – the effect won’t be as dramatic, but the eye will still pop.

For the makeup I used I am kinda hesitant to even be honest with you. While cleaning my super old makeup drawers, I found some antient makeup I have absolutely forgotten about and had had for far too long, mkay. I started playing around with it and an hour later, this look came out without me even knowing how I ended up in this MAKEUP SPACE VORTEX. AAARGHH It sucks me in every time! One second you are cleaning your room and the next thing you know, you have a new Alexvonblue post?

I created this look with a combination of an old Sephora palette and some old LA Girl palettes. Non of which I can remember the names, nor find them online anymore. I cleaned off and sanitized the surface before using anything, of course. If nothing else, this was a great test if eye shadows still hold up the pigment and strength after so many years and – they do. Now you know 🙂 I sincerely hope you get some inspiration out of this, if nothing else. Have some fun with what you already have at home and go shopping in your own closet sometimes. You don’t always need to buy a new product, changing the way you look at it and use it might just do the trick 😉

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