CATRICE Liquid luminizer review & swatches

In a flood of brands that have recently been launching highlighting and strobing products I have found only a handful that have impressed me. On daily basis, a simple bronzer is a must for me, yet a highlighter is more of a backstabbing friend when it comes to us, girls with combination skin. A harsh or wrongly placed highlighter can accentuate pores, make you look oily and make all we would generally like to hide, more prominent. So placement and amount are things one has to think about.

Catrice’s claims:

– Strobing Pen with a liquid texture
– Contains fine shimmer pigments
– Practical brush for a simple application

CATRICE Liquid luminizer strobing pen is a liquid metal highlighter in a form of a pen. You twist the end and the product is dispersed via the brush. Handy. However, when applying I encountered two minor issues. 1.) the brush places the product very narrowly and concentrated hence, you have to work really fast because 2.) product dries quite fast. My advice would be to dab it in your skin and blend with your finger or a beauty blender immediately. It will give you a far better and natural-looking finish than applying solely with the applicator. On the other hand, the drying time is quick and the product sets really well. When it’s placed, it won’t move.

Luminizer pen comes in two shades, a pink and bronze toned, pink targeted at skin with cool tone, bronze targeted for warm undertones. The shade I picked up is the bronze option – 020 Ready for Champagne! (which I always am, thankyouverymuch Catrice)

The product contains 3.5 ml of highlighter and is priced at around 4 eur.

The end result is a natural, radiating shine, that can be built up if desired. Pretty nifty, if you ask me 🙂

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