Catrice Velvet Matt lip pencil swatches

You know those lip pencils, that contain those lovely chunky glitter that we all love? Me neither. A good matte lip pencil is one of the essential items in any woman’s beauty bag. Not only is it versatile, it also changes your whole makeup game. For the better, of course 🙂 But why a MATTE lip pencil, Sasha? Try asking yourself, do shadows in real life contain shimmer or glitter? They don’t. Why would your lip pencil, that is meant to frame, shape and accentuate the plumpness of your lips, contain them? The story is a tad different when you try to achieve a specific look, but for lip contouring and when trying to make your lips look bigger or differently shaped, you will need a matte one.

Lip pencils are one of my favourite items and I am so very picky about which ones I use because I often tend to use them on their own. No lipstick. I like to try many different formulas and see how they compare. High-end and drugstore brands. What I expect from a matte lip pencil is usually:
1.) Being matte. Many brands actually claim their lip pencils are matte, when in fact they contain traces of shimmer. Why? Beats me.
2.) Longevity. I like my formula to be long wearing and transfer proof. It plays the role of framing the whole lip-action you’ve got going on.
3.) Glide. While more dry formulated lip pencils tend to last longer and vice versa, a lip pencil should not tug on your lips. At the same time, it shouldn’t glide to easily and have a too creamy/greasy formula because you will end up with a smeared lip liner one hour later.

With Velvet Matt lip pencils, Catrice managed to blow my cojones and create a lip pencil, that somehow covers all that and more. The name Velvet Matt Lip Pencil Colour & Contour suggests it is meant to not only provide the fence that keeps your lipstick within the borders, but also to contour the lips where you want to create some more shadow so that your lips look plumper.

What does Catrice claim?
– Lip Pencil with a smooth, matt texture
– For contouring or filling in the lips
– Fast-drying as well as smudge and waterproof

Yep, all true. The pencil glides on like butter and when it dries, it fixates itself in place really well. The formula stays on for very long and the swatches were a pain in the butt to get off the skin – which i love.

The price revolves around 2,5 eur, which is a steal for a high-quality pencil like this. I picked it up in 3 shades:

020 Love Among The Rosewood Trees
030 Sweet Like Sugar Plum
090 Mauve me tender

On the picture, the 020 and 030 look very similar, but the 020 is a lot more red/orange toned, while 030 contains more of the pink pigment.

The one and only thing I wish was different is the shade range. To properly contour lips, you need a bit lighter shade range with also more brown and cool to neutral tones. Something similar to MAC Oak and Stone lip liners which are closer to what shadows actually look like on the face.

Nonetheless, I was so pleasantly surprised by these lip pencils that I plan to get the rest of the shades as soon as I visit Slovenia again. Unfortunately, Sweden doesn’t carry Catrice.

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