Glowy skin and faux freckles

Glow, shine and radiate from within

When you love yourself and when you are surrounded with people that give love, you emit happiness and that shows on your face. But we aren’t here to transcend into next level shamanism and become lifestyle gurus, you clicked to see how I falsified my glow from within 😛

I tried to take the pictures in all different types of light so you could see the difference and how the skin reflects in every condition.

I started off with really clean and clear skin. For the last few weeks I have been really giving so much attention to my skin. I will show you in upcoming posts what have I been doing and what has really been working for my typically combination skin. And because it’s sometimes hard to pull off glowy, radiating skin on oily T zones without looking like an oil spill, I pay more attention to improving my skin. Especially the texture.

The second step was spraying 2 pumps of Shiseido Ibuki Quick Fix Mist which hydrates the skin and makes sure the makeup stays longer. Next, I used the Garnier BB cream in Medium. I applied everything with fingers and palms, just how I would a face cream. That gives everything a lot more even and skin-like result. I tapped some Catrice Liquid camouflage concealer under my eyes (I need a bit thicker undereye concealer for my dark circles) and then used some Collistar Silk Effect Bronzing Powder and E.l.f. Candid coral blush. The blush contains specs of shimmer but we wanted m0ar! So I used the trusted Catrice liquid luminizer strobing pen (see it here, which I reviewed before, in the inner corners of the lid, under the brow bone, on the high points of the cheeks, in the center of the lid, on the tip of my nose and on the edges of the philtrum (that cave under our noses).

I slapped a little of the Collistar bronzer on the lid, oh so very imprefectly and dragged a brush along the lashes for a fade, shoddy line. Just to add some colour.

I combed the eyebrows with some clear gel and filled the empty spaces in with a brow pencil. I haven’t plucked my eyebrows in the last year and I enjoy the messy, kinda Brook Shields-y look. No taming , I let them roam free :))

The mascara I used is Essence Lash Princess false lash effect mascara (longest name in the history of mascaras). I have been testing out this mascara and I absolutely love it. It is a bit on the clumpier side and I actually like that. It makes my lashes more thicker than longer and that suites me well with not having many lashes. The brush is small and makes it so easy to get those tiny inner corner hair and applying on the bottom lashes is a breeze.

Lips were done with my beloved and so very used Revlon ColorStay lipliner in Nude. I can’t express how perfect this shade is. It’s much more on the brown/beige side than it is pink and that is perfect for that true lip contouring. This has been my favourite lip pencil for a defnitive year now and I need to stock up on it soon. I then filled my lips with H&M Lip colour to-go. I believe they have discontinued these by now and I have no idea why. I haven’t seen them anywhere on the H&M Beauty displays.

Now, I am one of those people who wish they had freckles. But I don’t. I’m only stuck with birthmarks. However, faking freckles isn’t that hard. I wet the brush with Shiseido skin fix and swirled a very pointy eyeliner brush in the bronzer. Any light bronzer will so. Then carefully dot the freckles on your face where you want them. Make sure they aren’t even or perfect – have some fun with it, place them wherever the heck you want. On your forehead, on your chin, but for the more realistic look, try to focus them on the center of your face, going out towards your cheekbones.

This look is easily used for everyday aroundthetowns, work or even evenings if you aren’t much of a makeup wearer. No matter where you wear it to, don’t forget to smile. Keep happy, keep yourself positive and don’t forget to drink lots of water. Your skin will thank you 🙂

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  1. Love the look 🙂 😋

    1. Thank you very much 🙂 i’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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