H&M Beauty – eyeshadow review

As far as I am concerned, I don’t need any more eye shadow. Yet, that fact by itself shows my love for this class of makeup items and sure, I did buy more. So let’s make it interesting, take some pics, write some words about it so you can also benefit from it, aye?

Available in plethora of colours
Price: 59.90 SEK (cca 6€)

What does it claim? A silky eye colour that blends easily for a vivid, velvety finish that applies easily and stays put. Available in a vast range of curated colours and eye-catching effects. From soft mattes to rich shimmers to bold metallics, the possibilities are endless. 2 g. How to use: Apply on your eyelid, blending as desired. Wear on top of eye primer for even more intense and long-lasting results.

Since in Sweden, H&M is a store more widely spread than any grocery store, I decided to pick up some of their single eye shadows. I dug my fingers in them in the store, some of them had some nice payoff and away I went. Three shades are matte brown transition colors, perfect for blending in the crease or in the outer corner for a more softer look.

GINGERBREAD – a warm caramel
ARABICA – a cool medium brown
BROWNIE POINTS – a neutral medium brown

To be perfectly honest, I think the matte shades are very well done. It’s notoriously hard to get a good payoff off a matte eye shadow, yet H&M managed to do that. The mattes preform similar to higher-end eye shadows that I’ve tried and I was pleasantly surprised by that. I believe matte transition colours are a staple in every makeup bag and every makeup lover needs a pair of those stockings. They are more still on the dry side of the spectrum as far as formula goes, but with a good primer, you can easily slay the game.

The other three are shimmers. I was really looking forward to the royal blue shade and I wasn’t too impressed.

BISMARCK PALM – a light, yellow-toned mint green
TEMPEST – deep blue with holographic shimmer
YES, DARLING – warm deep purple with holographic glitter

The shimmers definitely need a good primer. The formula itself is a tad patchy and dry, not so much creamy and overall it just leaves you with a feeling, that it is not an eye shadow you want to blend, rather pack on the lid over a base. It is manageable, but there are far better on the market. Especially for the price point of 59.90 SEK (around 6€), which is how much I paid for a single.

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