Lush Bath Bomb haul

Trying Lush Bath Bombs

Today, I have for you 3 LUSH Bath Bombs. 3 of which carry more earthy, clean scents. When one thinks of Lush, they often think of sweet, sugary scents, especially considering how popular Snow Fairy is. These however suite my nose palette a bit better since I love fresh, earthy, a bit spicy scents.

The First one and my favourite one out of three is:

Guardian of the Forest – This bath bomb is a stunning blend of Cypress oil, Rosewood oil, lime and Oakmoss absolute. The mix of all these scents creates a feeling of being in one of the Northern Swedish forests and spending days in the wilderness, surrounded by nothing but some Elks and yourself. I’m so amazingly good at describing scents, I know. Your bath water will be a woodsy mix of green colour 🙂 The freshness and woodiness for this bath bomb is strangely neither calming or uplifting, it does not move on the scale of bright vs gloomy scents, but is rather a category of itself. They have managed to create a fragrant bath bomb that catches the essence of a forest.

Intergalactic – One of the Lush evergreens. More everblues in this case. It seems like everyone loves Intergalactic. First thing I catch is the Peppermint oil mixed with citrus. Grapefruit and Cedarwood oil to be exact. The scent itself is very unisex and almost reminds me of a mens perfume. The bath bomb contains multiple colours and lots and lots of glitter that you are sure to have fun with. The water is medium to dark blue in the end. The effect in the bath tub replicates the outer space, the stars and creates almost a life-like nebula inside your very own bath tub 🙂 Much visual satisfaction, very scenty satisfaction. I LOVE. I love.

Ickle baby bot – A cute tiny robot. This bath bomb is meant for sensitive, gentle skin and with that in mind, they have formulated it in a way, that is suitable for your babies over 6 months too. Lavender, Chamomile and Sandalwood oils nourish the delicate skin of your babies and offer a fun evening experience. This bath bomb is a tiny bit smaller than the rest so sinking that cute tiny robot under water sure is superfun. You are left with is a light baby blue water colour.

The items were kindly sent to me by Lush Cosmetics but I have not been compensated for my opinion in any way.

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