LUSH Christmas collection

Lush Christmas goodieeeessss

It was a rainy Sunday and I am guilty of placing random online orders. I have been discovering Lush for a while now and been slowly getting into trying their stuff. By Lush being all natural, sometimes even vegan, I decided to switch up a good portion of my body care products with theirs and see how it works. Going into a Lush store might be overwhelming for newbie Lushies so I spent quite some time exploring the internetz and when I had the idea of what I wanted to try, I went in the store and sniffed around. Literally πŸ™‚

Lush comes out with a major Christmas collection every year and this season, they decided to introduce NAKED products. Voice from the distance: ‘What is a naked product Alex, you are confusing me…’ Well, a naked product is a product that is completely packaging free! What you get is only the contents of a product – but in a form that is more or less solid and contains shape in regular room temperature range.

I was absolutely intrigued and after seeing some demos, I picked a few. On the pictures you can see what I ordered and how well I was overflooded by the protective confetti (that, by the way, dissolve in water – yay environment). I of course added a few non-christmas items to try out and I will try to section them out, so you know which belong to permanent line and which are limited Christmas editions.


Lush Christmas products:

SNOW FAIRY Sparkle Jar (the star)
TWILIGHT Sparkle Jar (the moon) – The Sparkle Jars are literally jars, made out of a blend of body butters and slight shimmer. Inside of the ‘container’ you get a ton of sparkling dust that you can use over your skin after you glide the moisturising jar over the skin as a conditioner. It adds a ton of shimmer.
TWILIGHT Naked Shower Gel ( the ”bottle”)
ROSE JAM Naked Shower Gel ( the ”bottle”) – works just like a soap bar, only it lathers up so much better!
BUCK’S FIZZΒ Naked Body Conditioner (the orange ”pot”)- I use it in the shower, after I have washed my body. I glide the Naked Conditioner all over my skin and skip the need for applying moisturiser outside of the shower πŸ™‚
ONCE UPON A TIMEΒ (the teal ”pot”) Naked Body Lotion – Similar to Buck’s Fizz, only I use it after I towel-dried myself.
CHRISTMAS EVE Bubble Bar (with gold moon and star) – You crumble a bubble bar under running faucet and it creates amazing bubbles πŸ˜‰

Regular line:

WHOOSH Shower Jelly – Used in a similar way as you would a soap bar, only A LOT more jiggly πŸ˜€ Hold on tight πŸ˜€
REVELATIONS Bath Oil – Bath oils play the role of enriching your bath with nourishing oils and leave you super soft and moisturised after you get out πŸ™‚
MILES OF SMILES Toothy tabs – These are basically a tooth paste in a tab form. Perfectly nifty for frequent travellers – that is why I bought them
RAINBOW Fun – Fun is fun! It is a Playdoh-type of moulding paste that is also a soap! You can play with your kids, create some fun things out of it and then watch them disappear in your bath or shower πŸ™‚
KARMA KOMBA Shampoo Bar (green puck :))- Lush shampoo bars are amazing. You lather them just as you would a soap and it creates so much foam. You really need the tiniest bit and it leaves your hair squeaky clean. One of these bars is an equivalent to 3 bottles of regular shampoo (60-80 uses).


A more detailed review on each of these products, what kind of scents they have and what I think of them over time, will be dripping in soon πŸ™‚

Some tips:

This whole box cost me around 130 GBP (140 eur, 1400 sek) and I decided to place my order via the UK website. The prices here in Sweden are significantly higher, and for some items they even double. If you are looking into ordering from Lush, I recommend you checking out the UK website prices. Shipping for just a few items is around 4 GBP.

A tiny headsup: Lush does one sale a year and that is on Boxing day, which is on the 26th of December. Usually, everything in the Christmas line on the website is 50% off! πŸ™‚

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