LUSH haul, first impressions and some tips

Respect your elders!

My oh my, what some little scent can do for the soul.

I must admit, I have really dived into Lush fairly recently and boy, am I hooked. If ever you walk down a street in a city, and something just smells like angels are singing directly into your nose, there is probably a Lush store around the corner. Not only are their product all completely handmade, the ingredients are natural and smell absolutely divine. Aromatherapy meets cleanliness and hydration. I didn’t hesitate and picked up some things.

The first thing is Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar. The shampoo bars are a great value since you get anywhere form 60 to 80 uses out of one. This one smells like toffee, honey and Bergamot. It lathers up so nicely and quickly, and it creates nice, thick bubbles. I had some time to test it and I love it. This bar was 125sek (13eur) for a 55g bar.

Next thing is a hair balsam I had for a few months and they have discontinued it since. I was not truly impressed with this one. It did it’s job, but nothing more, nothing less. The scent was pleasing though. Lush has so many amazing products and it is so rare, that something wouldn’t be to your liking.

Next thing I picked up is Respect Your Elders soap bar. Main notes of this soap are definitely of the Black-berried elder. Elderflower has this specific scent to me, that lies somewhere between sweet and floral, and since it is a berry, it is both. I absolutely love it. The soap looks dark and gloomy, kinda like something that would come out of Harry Potter wand, but when you put your nose to it, it takes you to a Quidditch game. The scent is so strong, it lingers for a while on the skin and it creates such nice and thick bubbles. If you plan to use it in the shower, I recommend you use it with a loofa, knead it for 30 seconds and I promise you will have the bubbles of your life. If you never visited a Lush store, the soap bars are cut from a bigger piece and allow the sales assistant to eyeball the 100g of soap. It’s hard sometimes and it won’t be exact – it is no big deal. It runs for 59sek per 100g of soap. At this moment, I have washed my hands an hour ago and I can still smell my hands while I type this awesome post 😛

I decided to cut up the big chunk of soap into a few smaller ones and pack up, and put away the big leftover in an air tight bag. That way, you can make sure your soap will stay fresh longer and you can cut up another piece when you run out of it. Nifty.

You can find Lush in a few major cities in Sweden – Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm, and for my Slovenian Lushies – you have Lush in Ljubljana, Koper and Maribor. If a Lush store isn’t located near you, you can always order online.

The two girls – Isabell and Dina – that were in the Lush Malmö were really amazing. They let me roam around for a good while, they were so helpful in trying to help me figure out what I want and Dina also put a sample in for me at the end. Such a treat, thank you. The little sample they gave me was of the body lotion Once Upon a Time. It smells of fresh apples and it would be a wonderful summer body lotion 🙂 Lush is definitely known for their customer service and you can always rely on the best experience – no matter if you shop online or in store. Pay them a visit and smell heaven for yourself <3

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