LUSH limited edition BLACK FRIDAY vegan soap

Black Friday can be messy. Crowded. I personally like to avoid all that since my comfy pajama pants and my cosy winter blanket love to do the shopping from the comfort of my comforter (Lush reference intended)

Aaaanyhowwww… if you are a Lushie you know, that Lush only does one sale a year. And it is not Black Friday sale. Instead, they decided to make a special soap which will be limited edition (only 14.000 soaps will be made). Lush and Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) partnered up and created Orangutan Soap – shaped like an absolutely adorable orangutan. Shocker, I know.

Image source: Lush

The main fragrances are patchouli, coconut oil and orange, which will make this completely vegan soap ridiculously invigorating and amazing if your skin is more on the dry side. Lush’s goal is to raise awareness for the immensely quick deforestation rates and endangerment of primates. The region of Sumatra, Indonesia is home to dense rainforests and fragile diverse ecosystems from which many illegal logging occurs. Millions of people and animals depend on those forest areas, especially orangutans which have been pushed closer to the edge of extinction now. Lush strives to shine a light on this cause since with correct agricultural techniques and reforestation we can stop and reverse the effects and destruction done so far. This soap is truly for an amazing cause. Smell good AND save the rainforest? Sign me up.

The soap will launch on the 24th of November (2 days from now) and in it will be priced at 8.25 GBP.

Image source: Lush

Featured photo by: Zac Mills

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