LUSH Sparkle Jar review

Lush Christmas Sparkle Jars

LUSH has killed it this holiday season with their NAKED range. I’m such a fan and picked up a lot for myself (my post on LUSH Christmas collection) and I absolutely love the Zero waste – Zero packaging story behind it while still keeping and retaining the quality of the product at 100%. Sparkle jars are tried and tested by yours truly and I absolutely love them.

What are the Sparkle Jars? They are basically a hollow massage bar that contains tons of sparkly dust on the inside. It comes in two scent versions. The oh so popular scent from the Snowfairy scent family and the moon shaped one is from the Twilight scent family.

What do I do with them? You simply take one in your hand and glide it over your skin. The warmth of your body will melt the buttery massage bar. You can finish with sprinkling a bit of the sparkle dust on your skin for extra shimmer!

How do I get to the shimmer? See those two dents on the top of the jar? You can take a pencil or a chopstick like I did – so classy, yes – and gently puncture a hole in those dents. One or both, depends on how much dust you want flying out.

One thing I learned from using it and would recommend is, that you use the jar from sides or from the top, since the bottom side of the bar is relatively thin. You will end up using up a lot of the bottom and once that happens, you will get a hole. Eventually you will get a hole anywhere you use it up, so I transferred the dust in one of my other jars and continued using the bar as it is.

These fun little things will definitely add some sparkly fun to these gloomy winter months. Or you can continue to sparkle well into the spring, who cares, do whatever makes you happy 😉

I’m going to be giving away one of the extra Snow fairy Sparkle Jars to one of you! How to enter:

This time, I also made a quick demo video for you:

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