The Balm ※ Meet Matt(e) Nude

This one, I have been looking forward to for a while *giggle*

My favourite every day eyeshadow palette. This would be one of my 5 items to take on the desert island. I want this palette to sing on my funeral.

Ok, but seriously, I love it. I rarely come across such a well made matte eyeshadow. And The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude contains 9 of such. The usual matte eyeshadow texture tends to be dry, chalky and overall hard to work with if you aren’t slightly skilled. This formula is as creamy as a matte eyeshadow can be, it’s packable and blendable (it’s doesn’t disappear into nothingness when you blend it out). The colour selection itself is definitely smart. You have your transition colour, your eyelid packing colour and some to smoke things out and deepen the look. I often mix the colours to achieve the perfect tone or shade I desire and I am able to adapt it as the season changes and my skin changes shades. It looks gorgeous on any skin tone and it’s one of the most versatile palettes I have ever bought.

The palette contains shadows:

Matte Johnson – A cool blue toned grey
Matt Garcia – A warm/red toned brown
Matt Malloy – A light, white-ish cream
Matt Rosen – A medium chocolate brown
Matt Wood – A dark cool brown
Matt Singh – A peach
Matt Abdul – A purple toned grey
Matt Lombardi – A flesh-toned yellow
Matt Hung – A cool-toned true mauve.

(Note: all the shadows are matte in finish)

As you see on the pictures, the palette has been with me for a while now. I have had it for almost a year and since I got it, I started neglecting every other palette I own, while the eyeshadows themselves show very little usage or indentations. I’m nowhere near to hitting pan on any of those.

If you are a makeup beginner and are looking for one initial splurge but are unsure on which palette to get, Meet Matt(e) Nude offers all the basics neutrals you will need. If you are a senior in makeup artistry, you won’t like it any less. I’m crazily looking forward to trying the sister palette Meet Matt(e) Trimony which has that one red toned eyeshadow my mind can’t forget. 😉

On the bottom of the article, I will add some pictures from my Instagram of the looks I did with this palette.

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