Natural skincare that follows me home

I often visit my homeland Slovenia and when I do, I make sure I stock up my favourites from Terra Naturi and Weleda.
As an everyday makeup wearer I go through my face washes like nobody’s business and one of my favourites for my combination skin is Terra Naturi face wash gel with Aloe vera. I find, that it doesn’t irritate my skin and breaks down makeup so well, no matter how fixated it is. Price: around 2eur (100ml).

Terra Naturi’s peeling gel is also one of the products, I have repurchased a gazzilion times. This is the only peeling I use for my face and I combine it with a face exfoliating brush to really get rid of the makeup remains gently and with as little irritation as possible. There are just the right amount of granules so it doesn’t feel like sandpaper, yet it’s still effective. Price: around 2eur (50ml).

When it comes to eye creams I don’t expect miracles. The only thing I pay attention to is, that it’s heavily moisturising and it doesn’t contain dangerous plumping ”wrinkle eraser” chemicals. Only gentle ingredients for that thin, soft skin around the eyes. Terra Naturi ”Erste Fältchen vitalisierende Augencreme Wildrose & Q10” does just that. I massage it in with my fingers every morning and evening to promote fluid circulation and get rid of any puffiness. Price: around 4eur (15ml).

Weleda lavender shower lotion was the next thing I picked up. Because it’s a shower lotion, rather than a get, it is a tad more moisturising and nourishes the skin better. Your dry winter skin will thank you. 🙂 I’m not particularly set on the lavender scent but I dont mind it. I pretend it’s raining in Tuscany. Price: around 8eur (200ml).

The Weleda lavender massage oil ended up in my shopping basket because I wanted to try it for my dry skin on the legs. I shave my legs during the winter also (savage, right?) and I notice I need something a lot more nourishing than just a body lotion. I massage it in my legs right after shower with semi dried off skin. That makes the oils dispurse and absorb nicely. And so far so good. Just make sure you don’t over saturate your skin with oil to avoid greasiness. Price: around 13-15eur (100ml).

While Weleda is certified organic and vegan, Terra Naturi falls under a ”NATRUE” certificate, which is not organic per se, but it guarantees you products without synthetic fragrances, no GMO, no petroleum or silicone derivates and no animal testing. So if you are a vegan who also practices vegan cosmetics, both brands will suit your needs. If you are natural cosmetic conscious, are only just getting into the natural cosmetics market or if you are watching your penny, Terra Naturi is a great place to start and continue, with also an awesome price point. You can find it in Müller drugstores all around central Europe, while Weleda is available worldwide.

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