New products from Rituals and L’occitane in week 34


No, seriously. My bathroom smells divine after I used this Rituals Shower gel from the Hammam line, which has been inspired by one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. Well, the bathroom AND me. Eucaliptus and rosemary really make this shower FOAM so refreshing. It comes out of the packaging more in a form of a shaving foam, so it’s already lathered up for you (talk about luxury, right, I don’t even have to lather my own soap). Rituals is one of those companies that I just can’t get enough of. Since I moved to Sweden, It is definitely my go-to body care shop. Their approach, unique scents, customer relation and amazing, spa-at-home-like quality makes me come back again and again. And I buy all the Christmas gifts there. And birthday gifts. And… ok you get the point. I’m a fan.

The set of Mini Summer Mists is a great way to try out new scents from the lines I otherwise haven’t tried yet. Usually these mists just kinda disappear after a few minutes, but these linger on my body so subtly, yet they make their presence known. I got so many compliments on the Happy Mist (Sweet orange) and I absolutely love it for the summertime. Fresh, envigorating and not at all reminiscent of anything you clean your dishes with. These mists are meant for your body and to spray on the linen before going to bed, to make you calmer and to sleep easily. Another hit from Rituals in my opinion.

I also got 2 things from L’occitane – a hand creme and a hand desinfectant with the scent of Lavander. I have to say, the lavander really mkes a difference in the scent. It’s far less chemically than the rest of the hand sanitisers. The room doesn’t fill up with the smell of alcohol like it’s a teenage party time. The hand cream smells marvellous and I never ever go anywhere without a thick layer of hand cream in the windy Swedish winter. It’s almost September. The winter is coming :))

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