Playing with Fenty by Rihanna

Yummy, yummy Fenty Beauty


While I was absolutely casually and completely non spendingly (lol) walking through my local Sephora, I stumbled upon a newly launched Fenti by Rihanna stand. Of course I digged my fingers into already almost completely sold out products I decided to switch things up a bit and show you how the swatches preform on skin – in a video. The lighting and setup isn’t perfect but you can get a fair idea on how awesome some of these products are and how they act on the skin. I hope this is of some help to you in deciding whether or not Fenty beauty is something you should look into 🙂

The lipgloss was the only item I could see as a pass. Although the shade claims to be flattering to any skintone I believe it is a very basic and easily dupeable shade. Not worth the price point in my opinion.

The packaging overall feels so sturdy and is of really high-end quality. The Matchstix are magnetized and that acts as an awesome feature to keep things neater! The colour Confetti is a lovely, lovely shade that would flatter any really cool toned pale skin. I think it would look absolutely gorgeous <3 The Chilli Mango shade on the other side would greatly complement warmer skin tones. Stunning and unique shades!

The Trophy Wife highlighter is a bit much for me. I see how it would look amazing on darker skin but on me, it looked a bit too golden and the specs of glitter are quite big. For people with paler skin, this may look a bit off, although the shade is very unique and I rarely see companies coming out with something like this. Kudos for that!

Everything I swatched and tested out performed really well and this is definitely a line they didn’t cut corners on. I would definitely recommend taking a look 😉

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2 Replies to “Playing with Fenty by Rihanna”

  1. Uf, zdaj me kar srce boli za Confetti, želim si ga! 🙂
    Si boš kaj kupila?

    1. Confetti je super za hladne podtone, res, sploh za izjemno svetle polti. Hkrati je pa mal drugačen in ful zanimiv. Jaz ga nisem vzela, ker so mi highlighters ena takšna stvar, ki se na moji mastni koži ful čudno obnaša. Hitro zgledam kot lučka 🙂 Tako da če že, uporabljam v prahu, za kak photoshoot je pa enkraten!

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