Real techniques Bold metals collection – 201 brush

So… Yesterday I was walking around H&M and noticed something relatively interesting. While the Real techniques Bold metals collection has been on the market for a long while, I never took a serious look into it. I liked the design aspect of it, yet I never really needed more brushes… ifyouknowwhatamsayin. So, I left it alone. But yesterday, one of the discounted brushes seemed familiar. Hm. As you can see from the pictures, The 201 Pointed Crease brush from Real Techniques is quite similar to my brush that came in one of my brush sets I ordered from Aliexpress. I originally planned to have the set as a backup but I ended up loving those brushes so much, I actually use the every day. The brushes looked and felt the exact same with one exception – a tiny logo on the funnel of the brush.

The Real Techniques 201 brush price goes anywhere from 110 SEK (cca 11eur) and up to 199 SEK (cca 20eur). The price per brush in the set I ordered was around 7 sek (0.7eur). Now, please note that I have not tried out the Real Techniques 201 brush and my opinion is based solely on the visuals, not on performance. Nevertheless, the Aliexpress brush is simply marvellous and I would dare to say it performs quite similarly, judging by the looks of the original one. The Aliexpress brush is obviously very similar and when it comes to products that look and perform as this one, we can usually assume that they are factory surplus. On the other hand, when it comes to bad quality and poorly made dupes or fakes, they are more ”inspired by” the original, yet made with worse materials and crafting procedure. The last two pictures are the Aliexpress versions of the Real Techniques 201 🙂

The price difference is significant and you can be the judge of whether or not they are comparable or within your budget. They will both look gorgeous on your beauty stand 😉

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