September empties

What have I used up in the last month?

The TIGI Bed Head Conditioner. I bought this one with the Shampoo twin empties but I use far more shampoo than conditioner. This was definitely an item I would repurchase, I believe it made my hair super soft and smooth and I never had the feeling that it washed out completely like some cheaper conditioners do. The pump dispenser is also VERY handy, I must say. The set of shampoo and conditioner (both 750ml) held a price of around 300 SEK.

The Afrodita Mystic Argan oil shower gel was also great. I really felt like it left my skin a tad less dehydrated. I wouldn’t recommend using it as a washing gel to pre-self tanning sessions. The oil properties can make your false tan develop a bit weirdly and less intensely.

Garnier Response shampoo. I literally have nothing special to say about this shampoo. It washed my hair, yes it did.

The Body Shop Tea Tree cool and creamy wash. Since I bought this, I believe they have redesigned this line and the product looks a bit different now. Nevertheless, This face wash is meant for tired, a bit oily skin. I noticed it isn’t as agressive as some other face washes sometimes are. This one did not leave my skin dry as Sahara and in some instances I didn’t feel like I needed facial cream after it. It also had some cooling properties and was very thick in consistency. I usually go through at least one facial cleanser per month and September was no different.

Neutrogena Intense repair bodybalsam. This is an awesome body moisturiser. If you truely suffer from very dry skin or have skin that need that extra moisture, get this. I also used it for when my skin was healing and it actually replaced my beloved coconut butter I usually use for EVERYTHING healing-wise. The consistency is not too thick and it absorbs really well, hence I preferred it over the coconut oil in some cases – when you can’t walk around oily.

What were your favourites in the month of September? Let me know on my Facebook page AlexvonBlue, I will be really glad to hear about it 🙂

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