Newbies in week 27

Hi lovelies!

I wanted to share some new awesome things I bought this week. First off we have a Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Air Soft lotion sunscreen (longest name in the history of sunscreens 🙂 ). I really enjoy and product that comes in a push up bottom type of pump. I’m not sure why exactly I’m drawn to these types of products but I really enjoy seeing it being swiped in a clean and efficient matter I guess 🙂 The pump has a great feel to it, nice and durable, nothing flimsy and cheap about it. The lotion itself is so very smooth, the skin absorbs it so fast and it leaves no sticky layer, which is a pet peeve of mine. You really aren’t sticky after the application and it leaves you smelling of coconuts and summer and the funny thing is, it leaves you with some kind of VERY subtle shimmer 😉 I love it and 10/10, would definitely recommend. I got it from Åhlens for around 160sek (16 eur).

And of course, another Beauty Blender. Since I started using these little miracle foundation sponges, I haven’t looked back and my other foundation brushes definitely feel left out. I already have two Beauty Blenders but they get a bit tired-looking after a while. Long nails and Beauty Blenders aren’t the best of friends and they get these tiny holes and cracks. I’m not sure why I chose a white one though. Maybe not the best choice for a makeup applicator tool. But who doesn’t like to live on the edge, right. Beauty Blenders run anywhere from 180 to 200+ sek (around 20 eur).

Never forget to apply sunscreen when you go play in the sun :*

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