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Every woman’s skin has it’s problematic days. When mine starts acting like a restless child, I usually offer it a mask of some kind. Let that be a pre-soaked cloth type or from a tube, apply-yourself-style. *Here ya go, my little friend* A few weeks ago I passed by The Body Shop, picked up this pretty thing and have been testing it ever since. I noticed that it calms my skin down -a lot-.

It comes in 100ml squeeze tube and the consistency is a bit thicker, consistent with being a clay-based mask. I often opt for masks with that kind of consistency since I’m not a fan of masks dripping off my chin. 🙂 The active ingredients in the mask make it warm up each time you move it around, i.e. when you apply and remove it. That, in my opinion, further opens up the pores and makes sure that the mask penetrates them and cleanses them out well when you rinse it. Don’t panic when you feel the warmth at first, it goes away after a few minutes on your face. It’s quite splendid in the winter months, to say the least. Turn off the heater, put on the face mask. Clever. The mask keeps the consistency and does not harden on your face. I usually wash and lightly exfoliate my face before application to make sure to give the mask as best as possible conditions to do it’s job then leave it on for 15-20 minutes, look like a wonky ghost in the meantime, and then rinse with water only. Brilliant!

TBS Warming Mineral Mask leaves your skin very smooth and corrected. I’m one, that struggles with uneven skin texture as well as redness and blemishes so as I said in the beginning, it really helps to calm it down and give it an overall smoother feel. I honestly went bonkers over this mask and will most likely repurchase it, if they don’t surprise me with some new, awesome warming face mask 🙂 Go, The Body Shop, with your natural, cruelty free awesomeness!

Price: ~175 SEK/ ~17 EUR

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