Worst palette ever?

I wanted to see for myself. I wanted to dig my fingers in a palette that costs 3USD. I was curious. And I got my answers.

First of all – don’t. Don’t do many of things you will read in the next few minutes. Don’t buy a palette that has ingredients of unknown origin (which are most resellers from China). China’s cosmetics and makeup regulative policy regarding harmful ingredients is a whole lot less existent than Europe’s or even America’s. Therefore, you have no idea what you are putting on your skin. That is the no.1 concern you should have.

Secondly, don’t, just don’t, because it’s not worth spending the money on this, however little. Clearly, this is a meant to be a dupe palette – or at least tries to be – for a Kylie Jenner palette. Well, it isn’t. The quality is underwhelming. Getting the swatches you see meant swiping my fingers in quite a few times to get the opacity you would want. The consistency is powdery and chalky, which you can see on the swatches (those clumps of pigment just sitting there). Please take note, that these swatches were done with a finger. In reality,you would use a brush. When an eyeshadow is as dry as these are, they simply disappear and fly off into nothingness. When I blew on the swatches, most of it flew off my hand. The longevity of these swatches was 0.

The colours look pretty in the palette, I must say. The shimmers swatched better than mattes, which I expected since mattes are notoriously difficult to make well.

Some say ” yeah but cheap eyeshadows are good for someone that is starting to learn and blabla” … no. Spend just A FEW more extra dineros and buy yourself some affordable drugstore palettes like Wet and Wild, NYX, E.l.f., Essence, etc. There are SO many good options. Eyeshadows you buy in store went through regulative testing to make sure they are safe for your eyes and won’t in any way harm you. A few dollars saved is nothing in comparison to having a skin reaction or an infection from unknown chemicals.

I ordered this palette from Aliexpress for 3$ and it has been discontinued in the meantime. I will respectfully put the palette in the nearest trash bin after I finish this sentence 🙂

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